Monday, January 3, 2011

Do Not Disturb

Today is Justin's last day of vacation. He has been off since the 23rd. It has been awesome. We have had just enough to do to keep busy, but not too much that we feel crazy. The kids have been totally occupied with new toys and a change in routine and having 2 parents at all times. Everybody has been sleeping in late. It has seriously been like living a surreal life. The shine is definitely starting to wear off though. Yesterday there was a lot of fighting between Rhys and Ava. I am sure it doesn't help that Rhys wasn't feeling well. We are going to attempt to get the house all in order today so it will be like I have returned from a vacation too tomorrow. "Look no big messes! Just normal cleaning!" The biggest project will be the kids' room. We need to reorganize all the toys and get rid of some that are no longer age appropriate but taking up space.

What do you do with old toys? Do you save them for garage sales? Do you just take them to Goodwill? Some toys will come with me to work, but we aren't supposed to take "used" donations. Usually I can get away with bringing things in because I know what condition they are in but I know there isn't room for all the toys to be for the baby age.

I didn't set any resolutions. I have some goals for myself, but that is about it. I would like to finish 12 projects in 12 months. I am leaving it loose like that on purpose. I am going to focus on the counters being cleaned off before bed every night. This is going to take some team work though (Justin will learn of this goal when he reads this post.) Pepe is turning into a nice cat. If the counters and tables aren't temping him with things to knock off then maybe I won't be forced to hate much. We definitely want to take the kids to Disney by the end of the year. Ava is saving her pennies, literally. Every time she finds any bit of money she says, "Money for Disney!" and puts it in her piggy bank. We actually aren't going to use her change for the trip, but she can cash it all in and use it for souvenirs. So we are focusing on setting money aside and earning little bits of extra money when we can. That is about it. Nothing big, nothing major. I will toss out posting once a week. If I ever go back and write the posts I have been meaning to and back dating them I will NOT count it to my goal. Watch out, sometime there will be like 5 posts in one day all dated sometime in December.

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  1. I always give our used toys to Goodwill or Salvation Army.


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