Thursday, January 6, 2011

Am I the only one?

When I find something I really enjoy whether it be a movie, a book, a hobby, a shampoo, a cleaning product, some type of make up, I feel compelled to tell people about it so they too can experience the greatness. I have thought to myself why do I do this? Why do I reveal all my secrets? Like I know if I ever hire someone to clean my house, I will be sure to inform everyone that I didn't clean. I don't want to take credit for something that I didn't do. So I apparently always feel the need to share my own personal fountain of youth, metaphorically speaking. I could just keep my mouth shut and let people think my house just always smells amazing and I am naturally thin and beautiful.

A while ago, I mentioned ebates. I got my first rebate check about a week ago. It was almost $25. I did quite a bit of online shopping for Christmas and just generally buy things online. I prefer shopping for kids clothes online because it is easier for me to find their sizes. I just make sure I go through ebates first and I get credit for my purchases. I also get a percentage of my purchase back from Barnes and Noble when I buy books for my nook on the computer as long as I go through ebates first. I only get paid once a quarter so I really do have a chance to build up a pretty decent payout. See look...I just couldn't stop myself from sharing, once again.

We have had the stomach bug that everybody that I know has had, well almost everybody. I am the only one in this house who did not get it. I thought I did but I just felt bad. It is over and I have washed all the bedding and towels and clothes...

I started a new knitting project. It definitely won't be one I finish right away, but it will provide a nice change up here and there. I am almost done with Ava's slippers. I want to finish them today, I just need to get off this computer and start. I put in my 2 hours of cleaning already this morning so I am hoping to just hang out and do whatever I feel like until work. What ever I feel like as in what Rhys and Ava will let me do.

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  1. I have the same disease - I cannot keep cool stuff to myself!!!!

    Annelise barfed all last night. Lovely.


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