Monday, November 14, 2011

A little story about a boy named Rhys

Here is a little story I should have posted about a month ago. We were over at a friend's house one night. They also have a two year old little boy. He and Rhys are friends from church. So the two of them were in a little corner of the livingroom playing with a tool bench. My friend Lee thinks she will be extra awesome by pretending to be a tiger that wants to eat them. She is down on the ground growling at them and taking swipes at them with her 'paw'. The two boys are not amused. They clearly have been attacked by this vicious beast before so they are actually acting scared and backing into the corner, saying, "no! no!" until Rhys steps up. You see him look at his friend and realize that he isn't going to help and this tiger beast is getting closer.

Rhys has his tool in his hand. A screwdriver. Rhys steps a little bit forward, putting himself between the tiger lady and his friend. Rhys, jabs the screwdriver forward and in a very assertive tone of voice says, "Stop or you're gonna get screwed!"

We all laughed uncontrollably for a few minutes. Poor Rhys was a little embarrassed. He obviously had no idea why we were laughing. I talked to him about it the next day and told him that I was really proud of him for trying to defend his friend...from the pretend tiger that would only tickle.

Rhys being attacked by the tiger earlier that day.

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