Friday, November 11, 2011

odd to even me

Believe me when I say that I am trying to say this with as much humility as possible, but...I have nice finger nails. I always have. I have pretty long nail beds and my nails don't peel or bend or curl up or under. They also grow really fast and it is actually more of an effort for me to have short nails than it is to have long ones. If you ever notice that I have short nails, you will know that I have actually bothered to do something with them...that being cut them. I have never really been one to paint my nails. I own nail polish but I probably buy a new color once every year or two. I usually only use it on my toes. I get so annoyed at how long it takes me to do them in comparison to how long it takes me to mess them up or for the paint to chip. I am also really lazy about taking nail polish off, so I have been known to walk around with little chips of paint on my nails for months. But every once in a while, I will paint my nails and be amused by all the people commenting on them or questioning if they are real for those two days before they look like crap.

Something has changed. I have been following things on pinterest. I have seen people post pictures of nail polish colors. I have been inspired. I went out and got a couple new colors. I have discovered the secret. Get good polish! For the last month my nails have been painted everyday with maybe only two days of chips. It is lasting a week before it starts to look bad. That is a good return for my effort. (It also might have something to do with the fact that I have been feeling like everyday is a bad hair/clothes/skin/body day lately, so I might as well play up my one asset...but only slightly.) I feel like a whole world has been opened to me! Here are some of my new favorites!

Black Cherry Chutney by OPI, More or less the whole Essie line, but
Mochachino and
turquoise & caicos, and
over the edge.

The one I am currently wanting is All Hail the Queen by Butter London.

I am a little worried that it would look too much like the mochachino color but I think it is will be lighter. When going through all my old polish I realized I often bought very similar colors. I clearly bought new ones because the old one didn't look right and I was just in search of a good shade. I have been very happy with my purchases so far and how they look on my hands. I am wondering how long this little habit will continue. I wonder how many colors I will try...

Well that was a very interesting post for all of you loyal readers. I am now off to work for an exciting overnight of data entry! At least I will enjoy looking at my fingers on the mouse.

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  1. I LOVED this post! There's nothing like a little nail polish to brighten my day! Did you see the thing on pinterest where they dropped several different colors in water and then swirled it around and you dip your nail in it? I want to try that.

    I have found that using a base coat and then a top coat makes a HUGE improvement in making your nail polish last longer. I realize this is the most obvious statement in the world, but I had ignored doing this for most of my life... It takes longer, but at least it makes it worth the effort since it doesn't chip the very first day.


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