Sunday, December 11, 2011


So to continue on in my journey of becoming a hippy and living on a commune, I went to a yoga studio this week. Not just any yoga studio. A bikram yoga studio. This isn't flowy yoga. This deep stretching poses, meant to extend and compress all organ systems in your body...all in a 105 degree room. It allegedly burns a ton of calories and you will also lose weight. So far I have not experienced any drastic weight loss in my 2 classes. I know. 2 classes. 2 90-minute classes in 105 degrees. I feel like I should have lost a ton of weight because I feel like a champion for a) going the first time and trying everything and b) actually going back again and c) making plans to go back more! I am not going to lose weight, though it will definitely be a perk and I will be a little bummed if I don't, but at the same time, unless I stop eating like a champion sumo wrestler, I can't expect that. I am just kind of hooked on the insane feeling of being a champion after it is over. It is actually really relaxing to be super focused on not dying or falling over and not have the ability to think of anything else during that whole time. When it is over, you are completely covered in sweat, you feel like you just climbed a mountain (I have never truly climbed a mountain, so figuratively) and did some really hard things with your body, improved over the last time and stayed in the room. The very hot room. So you just accomplished something awesome with your mind. Seriously, you just spend the rest of the day walking around drinking water, feeling like a superhero. It isn't just me. I went with my friendTerra and she felt the same way. In our minds I am sure we were really walking down the street in slow motion film action, wearing some sort of long open trench coat blowing behind us, crazy stomp you to death boots, super hot jeans and a comfy t-shirt, ready to rule the world. "What's up? You need me to do what??? No problem, I just did a camel, I can do anything."