Friday, December 16, 2011

The sweetness that is Rhys

Today is Rhys' 3rd birthday. I have been taking little mental pictures of him the last couple of days, just to remember him right where he is. The other night Justin made a gingerbread house with the kids.

Starting first thing in the morning the next day all I heard about was Rhys getting to eat dessert. What he meant was eating the house. I came down the stairs at one point and could see him leaning over the kitchen table, trying to lick the roof of the house. I wish I had a camera right at that moment because it was hilarious.

Rhys is insanely smart. He takes this apart. He loves to build things and fix things. He also is very nurturing and has all of his guys or babies, depending on the day, that he has to take care of. He has his buddy, the lion that Ava gave him when he had his tonsils out. He has his moose and a baby monkey. All of them usually have to be in bed with him. He prefers to have them all tucked under his blanket with him because he says they need him. He is pretty convinced that the cats talk to him when they meow and that he can understand what they need. Tequi has gotten him to open bedroom doors because Rhys thinks the cat said he wants toys and is sad.

Rhys gets into trouble like no other and will lie like nobody's business. He does not get that things are really off limits to him and is a repeat offender with things like lotion, soap, make up, and markers.

A few weeks ago, he decided that he would ask Santa to get me make up and shoes. He figured it would be a good gift for me and wanted to know if it would be ok if he told Santa to get me those things. He was telling my friend Val his plan and she told him to ask Santa for some for her too while he was at it. Tonight at dinner Ava was talking about wanting to get all of us presents. Rhys says, "It is ok, I told Santa to get Mommy make up and shoes, and Miss Val too. Remember Mommy? I told her that at McDonald's?" We hadn't talked about that at all past that day but he remembered like it just happened.

My favorite thing about Rhys is his heart. Today I asked him to help Ava with her things when we got out of the car after picking her up from school. She had a bunch of little gifts and projects from her class party and she always insists on taking her coat off in the car and carrying it into the house. By the time I got him out of his seat, she had managed to get everything situated so she didn't need any help. Rhys was crushed. He was sobbing because he wanted to help her. He didn't stop until we got to the door and she asked him to take her backpack. He did and cheered right up. Tonight I was trying to take a nap before going into work. I was lying in bed and it looked like I was asleep. Rhys snuck into my bed, being very careful to crawl around me. He gets right up to my face and gives me a huge kiss on the cheek, making sure to make a good kissing noise. He then strokes my forehead with his hand and leans on me to hug me. He kisses me again and then lies down next to me to go to sleep. If you are lucky enough to be one of Rhys' people, he will make sure you know it. You will be showered with affection. I hope he never loses that. Don't hold back, Bubbie.