Thursday, March 22, 2012

I got worms!

Spring has jumped on us. There wasn't much of a winter this year at all. Really, we only had one decent snow. I kept thinking it would just be a mild winter, but instead March has been full of record setting highs. Temperatures in the 80's and all that. I am loving it. It has definitely made me start planning for the summer. In past years we have tried to grow vegetables in pots and in the actual dirt around our patio. Being in a townhouse means space is limited. I have tried to be creative and it hasn't been very successful. Things taste bad because of the dirt. The landscapers mow down everything. The wind tunnel behind our house makes pots fly all over the place, even if they are weighted down. So....

NOTE: I just wrote the entire post and it crashed and this is where it was saved to. You have now missed out on a ton of very exciting and relevent information about our lives. I know. You are sad.

Anyway, so while I was signing Ava and Rhys up for gymnastics at the park district, I notice that the park district was starting up organic community garden plots. We booked one. The kids and I made lists of what we wanted to grow. We mapped it out. We bought seeds. We also researched organic fertilization. That means compost! We are back to the original problem of living in a townhouse. We found another solution. Worm composting! I went on the internet and bought some worms. Who knew you could buy worms on the internet? I didn't. Ava helped me research this and how to set it up. She drew diagrams to help explain it to Justin. She was collecting banana peels to feed the worms. She is so excited about it. Hopefully I can handle the added responsibility of worms. Research worm composting. Eventually my worms will reproduce enough that I will have some to give away. You could be the lucky person who gets them!