Wednesday, May 25, 2011

vile association

It is no secret. I have a serious hatred of our homeowners association. I appreciate that I pay to clear the snow, have my shrubs trimmed, lawn mowed, roof tiled. Other than that, I don't have much use for them. I don't enjoy that they say we can't do other things. There aren't many perks to it, just a whole lot of don'ts. In the latest letter, they have suggested that we take pictures of people violating the rules and send them in. They said they have a huge problem with pets. I will admit, it is annoying to see dog poo on the side walk or on the tree bank. It is because it is clear that people took their dog for a walk and didn't pick up the poop. Other than that, I really don't see many other violations. I let my dog out on my front door and she poops 5 feet in front of the door and I don't pick that up. I am the only one who can be annoyed by my dog poop because nobody else can see it or even comes near it. The whole concept of encouraging neighbors to send in pictures of each other violating the rules definitely turns neighbors against each other. I had actually started wondering if the reason we never really talked with our neighbor was because he was reporting us and thought we were violators. The other night we actually talked because I saw him outside putting down grass seed and assumed he had been reported also. He was and now we have a general shared hatred of the association and their letters. I should run, but I would never be elected. I would want to let everybody pull up their ugly juniper bushes and plant real gardens of flowers....Or that is just what I would want to do.