Monday, April 11, 2011

best deal EVER!

So I just have to brag a bit. I just got a huge deal from ebates. I like ebates. I really have gotten some good checks back from them. I don't shop any differently online than I ever have, other than I make sure I go to their site first. Anyway, our anniversary is coming up and I know that the restaurant we had planned to go to sometimes has some gift cards available on So I went through the ebates site to see if they had any cash back on those purchases. Why yes they do! 15% which is pretty good for that site. Then I go through their link and they said hey ebates users, you get 80% off your purchase. So I got $100 of gift certificates (3 dinners out for us) for $13. Plus I will be getting 15% of that $13 back. I should be on tv.

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