Monday, March 30, 2009

to OMG or not to OMG

If you haven't noticed Ava likes the expletive. "Crap!" "Oh sh*t" "For the love!" "Holy smokes!" "Oh my goodness!" She normally goes for "oh my goodness" but recently she has has been experimenting with OMG or "oh my gosh". Justin corrects her all the time and tells her to say "oh my goodness." We aren't sure where she gets the OMG because we don't say it all in our house. (I know you are probably like yeah right, but it is true. Not something that is in our regular vocabulary, unlike crap or sh*t.

Some people think it is really funny to teach little kids to swear. We haven't encountered that issue for the most part. There are few people who still swear freely in front of Ava, but most get the concept that she repeats everything. I have recently realized how many people we see regularly say OMG repeatedly. Regardless of the whole 10 commandments issue, I don't like to hear any little kid say it. It just sounds weird to me. Like little girls in full make up and big hair. It is obviously impossible to control the environment. How do you handle the constant OMG's? I think people can handle hey, watch the language when it is a "normal swear" word, but what do you say about OMG?


  1. We've been there - recently. My response to my child was "in our house we don't say that" (which, by the way is a good line to use for many, many things where you don't want to have your kids walking around being judgemental about the behaviors of their friends) and then I explained why.

    At Ava's age though it's tough, isn't it? You can't necessarily explain the whole "why" other than because you're the mom and you said so. Be glad that to most people she'll just seem precocious. And keep up the good work showing her the right way.

  2. That one is difficult because some religions do not feel saying OMG is taking the Lord's name in vain. They think it's only bad if you are saying GD it or something like that.

    I think the best we can do is teach our children why WE do not say such things. At a young age "Because we think it is not nice" might be enough of an explanation.

  3. p.s. I was enjoying reading your blog but I wont go back to the main page to read more because every time I do I get popups about javascript issues. Those kinds of things freak me out.

    The only place I have ever encountered this is your blog. Some blogs do have viruses. I hope yours does not. I'm not sure how you can check. You might want to ask other regular visitors if they get the same popups. I get 2 or 3, can't remember now.

  4. Sorry Tammigirl about the pop ups. I don't get any when I go on even if I am on different computers. I will ask if others do. I have never heard about it before. As far as I know my blog is not virus infested. We have a lot of antivirus software on our computer so I doubt it would let me even open up the page if it did.


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