Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So every once in a while I get inspired to make things. My kitchen is still clean, a week later, so of course I have to come up with a plan to destroy it. I am going to make some fondant covered cupcakes. I have been inspired by Pioneer Woman and Bakerella. I have a week to gather my supplies and then I am making some easter egg themed cupcakes. I am not sure what I am going to do with them after I make them. They could turn out pretty ugly, but I still want to try. Nice thing about food, ugly does not always negate the taste. I will take some pictures and not edit them in photoshop, because honestly I cut corners like that all the time, and post them. (I think it is funny that other people's inattention to detail in the finished product annoys the poop out of me, but I am unwilling to attempt to edit my pictures.)

My crocheting project has come to a hault because my wrist is attempting to stop working and let my hand fall off. It isn't carpel tunnel. It is the opposite side of my hand, so whatever that is. It makes it impossible to do a push up (because I do those all the time) and hurts while I am sleeping. I might get my neice her baby blanket by her first birthday at this rate.

So a week ago I was tossing around the idea of working Friday and Saturday overnights (11:30pm - 7:30am) permanently and not working my two evenings a week anymore. I thought this was so wonderful and I would suddenly become the June Cleaver type housewife that I have always dreamed about. (I have never actually dreamed about being June Cleaver, I just didn't want to be Roseanne.) We would have real dinners all the time, we could go for walks in the evenings, all sorts of stuff. The walks would probably be the only thing that would really happen and a real meal every other week or something. I then realized that my dreams of not working during the week didn't really take into account the realities of working at night on the weekend, so that idea came to an end. Not working at night during the week would have made my summer easier since I am playing softball! I suppose I could try to switch my Tuesday night with someone. Our games are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If I switched, then I would also have to switch daycare days and my whole routine and everything and I may not get those days back...I guess I will be a part time player.

Oh, Ava thinks Mike and Ike's, the candies, are called Portillos. Long story, but I told her we were getting Portillos on the way home, and I bought some Mike and Ike's at one of our stops on the way home, got Culver's instead of Portillos. Next day, she saw the box of Mike and Ike's and said, "Oooh! Can I have some of my portillos? I love portillos." I think I am running with it because portillos is cuter than candy.