Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, Monday

I am discovering quite a few things lately. I have been getting emails from for the last week. Last week my efforts besides getting dressed daily, ended on day 2. I am starting over again this week. I am not doing everything that she says because a) I have other priorities in the cleaning area, and b) I just haven't gotten to it. Anyway, the Flylady's whole deal is how not to live your life in chaos. (Can't have anyone over syndrome) We permanently live our lives there. I have figured out that we do because I just don't have enough time time (aka desire) to do stuff around the house all day everyday. I am working on it though. The getting dressed in the morning is very helpful. This morning I got all of us up and dressed before breakfast. Ava said, "Where are we going?" about five times. I realized the only times we all get dressed right away are the times we are getting ready to leave.

Nap time is over for Ava. We are going to get changed to head out to dance class. I am hoping Rhys will fall asleep in the car and stay asleep during the getting in and out of the car to drop her off at dance class. I am hoping to use my hour int he car wisely and drink a coffee and read a book with the windows open. If he wakes up, I will be walking down the street to the dollar store. I know how to live it up.

Oh, PS, does anyone have any cuttings froma creaping flowering plant that they would like to donate to me? I am thinking of getting a latice for by the front door. When are you all starting to prep your gardens? I like it that I am writing as if everyone out there who reads this, all five of you, have vegetable gardens...


  1. We have a lot of miscellaneous plants of various types. When they all start blooming, I will remember if any of them are creeping. We pretty much have every plant imaginable because the woman who lived here before us planted everything under the sun.

    I will plant my vegetable garden exactly two weeks after it's supposed to be done. I will need to wait until I hear everyone else talking about it, realize it's already too late and then get out there and plant something! How's that for organization?!?

  2. I'm not the gardener in this family. I only successfully plant one edible thing: lettuce. And that I am planting tomorrow. It goes into the area of our garden that gets too shady to plant anything later, but is perfect for lettuce in early spring and again in late summer.

    Romaine & mesculun - easy to grow, very tasty and much cheaper than store bought. Now if I can just remember to water it!


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