Saturday, March 21, 2009


We had the carpets cleaned on Friday, at least the stairs and livingroom. They are pretty much the high traffic areas. The carpet looks much better. Some very noticeable stains are now gone. I still think the carpet needs replaced but this has bought us some time at least. The bet part has been needing everything cleaned for the tastefully simple party I had and the carpet cleaning. Everything is completely clean and dusted. The kitchen HAD been clean. It still is, but we had moved everything into the kitchen to have the carpets cleaned. I am not just putting clutter back. I am going through it before I put it away, determine if we need it or not. I am then throwing stuff out. I liked how the furniture got put back, not exactly how we had it, but has definitely given us more useable space (mostly because we aren't covering up a stain anymore). It has been a very good thing.