Thursday, March 5, 2009


Rhys has relieved himself. He didn't blow up though, it was close, but his fresh size 1 contained it. It did; however, stink like no other. I heard him toot and thought he might have actually taken care of business, but then I smelled a horrible smell. I assumed that the cat had just dropped one in the litter box, so I shut the door to block out the smell. The smell didn't go away. It was in Rhys' pants! He is a stinky boy. The sinky boy is in his bouncy yelling at the bug rattle hanging in front of him right now. I think he is offended by the lack of response.

It is warm today!!!!!!!!!!! Warm... a wopping 56 degrees, but for us with winter blubber intact, it is toasty. Time to put on the shorts.

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  1. could his stinky state be the cause for ava's s bomb? It seems like a logical reason she might have made such a statement.


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