Sunday, March 8, 2009

weekend away

I didn't really have a weekend away, but it kind of felt like it. Saturday I went to a baby shower. I just took Rhys with me. I dropped him off at home and left for my friend's bachelorette party. This was a very low-key party but still a good time. She isn't in town often so it was mostly just visiting. We went to a spa. All of us had our nails done and a few people got a massage. I really liked them and I got the best looking manicure that I have ever had. I normally don't get them because I end up not liking how my nails feel. I really kind of think it isn't that hard to make my nails look good. (sorry, but I am just being honest.) A lot of places buff up my nails so much that they end up brittle afterwards. Not a big fan of that at all. I haven't had my nails done in a LONG time. I think it has seriously been 4 years. I have painted them myself in that time obviously, but rarely have I shaped them and used a base and a top coat of paint at the same time. It is very strange, or maybe my standards for myself have dropped, but I really do feel prettier with my nails done. I don't think I need to pay to have someone else make my nails look like this, I just need to stay on top of it myself. Either way, what is that about? Seriously? Nails make me feel pretty?

We then went out to dinner, finally being seated after a two hour wait. We were hurried on out of there and we went back to our hotel. We stayed up until 4 am talking (4am after the time change) and eating snacks that we brought. It was a day of eating. I had officially dropped down a pound of pre-baby weight the day before. I think that progress is all gone now.

On the weight loss track, I was thinking how much easier it would be if I just went to a gym (ahhh the gym delusion, once again). I had myself talked into it, and then tried to plot out my day with actually going to the gym and was like yeah that really isn't going to work out. I am not that motivated of a person. I would rather just take the kids for a walk. So hopefully the cold weather that is coming back for a couple days will move on out and I can go for walks again.

I do have a long term goal for weight loss. -20 pounds by June. I have now just added a short term goal. -10 pounds by April 20th. We are going on vacation! To a place with warm weather!!!!!! I am going to need to wear a bathing suit...... Honestly, I am a person who doesn't really care about looking chubbily in a bathing suit. I just would like to not have to tell myself, oh well, jump on in. Tomorrow is Monday and it can be another back on the wagon day. I will shine my sink, track my food, fold some laundry and drive on out to dance class, once again, for a lovely Monday. Woohoo.

In Rhys news, Friday and Saturday night he technically slept through the night. Friday he went down for the last time at midnight, and slept until 7:30. Saturday night Justin put him down at 9 and he slept until 5am, ate and went back to sleep. Now you can see why I feel ready to take on change in the house. Sleep is going to happen! I hope. I don't expect much now that I just posted this.