Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sarah: Women of Genesis

Ok so here is going to be my rating scale for books...
5- excellent, reserved for books that touched me emotionally, intellectually, kept me sucked in, thinking about it for days to come, etc.
4-Very good book, would recommend it, but it isn't going to be a book I will cherish forever.
3- Enjoyable, entertaining, not necessarily great literature.
2- Decent story, not great writing, not a waste of time, maybe couldn't get into it right away
1- Don't recommend it, couldn't make myself finish it.

Sarah- I would give it a 3.  I liked reading the story.  It is by Orson Scott Card.  He is a well known science fiction writer and a Mormon.  He has written a couple other books about the Women of Genesis.  I do plan to read them as well.  The book is fiction, but he did try to surround the story in accurate historical details.