Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I just finished changing out the clothes in Rhys' dresser to 3-6 month sizes. He has a few things that still fit him pretty perfectly right now I am hesitating actually packing them up, but I know from experience it is easier to just change out a whole size. I probably will put some of the 0-3's that still fit back in his drawers and just not officially put away the nb/3mo bin of clothes until they are all out of there. I have noticed in the last week some of his pants were pretty snug in the middle so I knew the time was coming. Plus pretty much all but a few of his 3-6 months are winter/springish, so if he wants to get any use out of them, he needs to start wearing them now. I decided that any summer stuff he gets will be 6-9 months (at least that I buy) because I am not buying multiple sizes for one season just so he can fit into them for the week or two before he grows again. I am sad putting the little clothes away. I am not sure why. With Ava I was excited to move on to the new cool stuff. She had better, cuter 3-6 month clothes in my opinion and she stayed in sizes for a lot longer than Rhys appears to. I feel like he barely wore half the things. Maybe because with Ava I was like oh the next baby will wear these, so it is fine. Then the next baby was a boy. Now I am like, I have a ton of baby clothes. Do I keep my favorites and get rid of the rest?

Ava's tiny tots dance class got canceled. I guess there were too many drop outs. Ava is now in the "big girl" class, otherwise known as ballet for 3-4 year olds. This means she will be in the recital. This should be interesting since this week she refused to dance and cried half the time. Note to self: don't wake her up and get her dressed for class in the parking lot. It doesn't go over well.