Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I have made the decision to cut the other blog out. It was dragging me down, plus it is insane to pay for it when I don't need to. It was getting really annoying to copy paste things too. I realized that in 3 years I had 30 posts with pictures of the kiddies, so that was really no reason to keep paying, especially when I figured out how to transfer them over to this blog. So the archives will still be there. I am backed up for the last year. I will do more later. I am probably the only one who cares about the archives, but oh well. I feel like this will recharge me. I will be motivated to post. Poor Rhys gets ripped off with the lack of pictures. Granted, I am not sure what I will do with all of the pictures of Ava in a bouncy or boppy, but at least I had a pretty regular record of her growing. I don't want him to get ripped off in the blog posting too.

So now Rhys. He hasn't pooped since Saturday. He is going to explode and it won't be pretty. I think he is ready too. He is a little cranky and I would be too if I hadn't pooped in 5 days. He keeps trying to laugh and it just comes out as a little huh, huh.

I hit my overwhelmed wall this week. I think it was a combination of stress at work and in life, a lack of sleep, the household stuff building to the out of hand point (I can only take so much clutter), and multiple things I am trying to do in my "free" time. I mostly blame the lack of sleep. I had my day of frustration and now I seem to be ok with it. I just have to have a release of rage and I am good. Relatively, it was a pretty calm release, for me.

I have been debating starting school when Justin is done with his master's. I think I miss learning. I know I miss feeling good at something, and school was generally something I could do well. I am not sure why I would want to do this, since I don't see myself wanting to change "careers". I am more than ok with staying home and have no real desire to go back to work full time at all.

I am ready for warmer weather. It is supposed to be int eh 50's tomorrow and if it isn't pouring down rain, I will bust out the double stroller and go for a walk. I figure pushing the 50 pound stroller with 40 pounds of kids in it, is considered a pretty decent work out. I am solidly in between pant sizes, or at least the pants that I own, so since getting bigger isn't an option for me, I need to work my butt off, literally.

While archiving my older posts, it is so clear that my blog is just for me. It really is the super baby book for my kids. The day to day stuff that they do. And then we will apparently have an external hard drive full of pictures.