Thursday, January 31, 2008

I don't fear the snow!  I am parked in the garage for the first time in two years.  Plus I have no where to go until tomorrow evening.  I am actually kind of excited about the snow to be honest.

I take back my post about the house winning.  I am actually winning.  It is just little messes like dishes and toys that seem to make it look messy, but in reality, the house is getting significantly cleaner and neater.

Ava was hysterical today. It was a fun day being home.  She now has pretend conversations with her babies.  She will be watching tv and get up and say oh! my babies crying! and go get her doll.  She plays with her dolls 90% of the time she is playing.  Good thing she got a ton for Christmas.  We have a doll in almost every room.  Tonight she insisted on wearing her winter hat, holding her baby while sitting in the laundry basket.  She would just get in and out and put her hat on and take it off all while having lots of conversations.  She now is over emphasizing her mouth movements which makes her even harder to understand. It is interesting.  She was also doing some sort of dance move in the hallway that went into downward facing dog yoga move (look it up!).  I blame feeling good with jo jo today, since they showed them that stretch to make yourself feel better. It was really cute.

Here is the prayer request I sent out to our church today.  It sums up where we are at with Ava's eyes.

Ava is being treated for glaucoma. Her pressures were good for the
first year.  2 months ago, the pressures in her eyes went up so the
doctor added a second eye drop.  Last week, her test showed that her
one eye still isn't responding to either medication and the structure
of the eye is starting to change (not good) so he added a third
medication.  This is the last available treatment in the form of
drops.  There is one oral medication we can try but it hasn't been
tested that much in children and can have more side effects.  That will
be our last option before surgery.  Surgery for this type of glaucoma
isn't very effective, so we really want to keep her eye pressure
controlled with medication.  If her glaucoma cannot be controlled, the
end result will be she will lose all vision in that eye.   Sturge-Weber type glaucoma is very rare, and there aren't a lot of
effective treatment options.

Please pray for Ava's eyes, that they respond to the new medication
and that her vision is not effected.  Pray for us that we are
disciplined with her drops.  Pray that Ava stops fighting us when we
give her the drops so we can be sure they get in her eyes.  Please pray
that the doctor remain diligent in her treatment and that he make wise