Monday, January 28, 2008

the house is slowly winning

I feel like the house is winning the battle.  I see improvements in some areas but the other seem to be slowly coming undone.  Part of it is and will always be we stuff too much stuff in a little space and we dont' have a lot of organizational stuff.  I feel like I didn't get a whole lot done today because the dishes still definitely need to be done.  I did, however, go to the bank, library, and grocery store.  Cleaned out the fridge, rearranged the freezer and put everything away.  I did laundry and fed myself and Ava.  I put clothes back in Ava's drawers after she decided to do her own laundry.  I got hte dishwasher partly emptied.  Now I stop because I need to start getting ready for work and leave in half an hour.  My crocheting and knitting projects are going extremely slow.  I don't really know if I will finish any of them in the near future.  I need to make some coffee to bring with me to work.  I do fine until about 10 o'clock and then the tired hits, especially when I am there by myself.