Friday, January 4, 2008


It is over.  I am all done with work and Ava is done with daycare.  The day didn't start out well since I had no keys to my car.  A co-worker came to pick me up.  I got to work and everyone bought me donuts.  We also all went out to lunch.  I will miss my actual job a little bit, but mostly my friends that I have spent pretty much every day with for the last 5 years.  I have made many promises to come back for lunch.  My one good friend actually left early, I think to avoid saying good bye.  I know she was upset that I was leaving and doesn't like good byes.

Wanda was pretty sad that Ava was leaving.  Justin picked her up and I am glad that he did because I probably would have totally started crying.  He said it looked like she was trying not to cry.  She might watch Ava for an hour on the days I work in between me leaving and Justin getting home.  I am sure it won't cost much, and it will be totally worth getting rid of the stress of Justin being home even if there is traffic and me needing to leave.  Plus she will get to see her friends!