Sunday, January 13, 2008

I had a cool title but couldn't spell it

The treadmill is downstairs.   It is more or less like we have a big piece of exercise equipment in our livingroom instead of a couch.  I figure this is ok.  It will remind us to not sit around.  I know some people wouldn't put a treadmill in the main room of their house, but as you all already probably know, we don't put decorating as a high priority.  We love things that look cool, but I say we value function over design.  I also don't mind a little clutter.  I don't love that there is a giant treadmill taking up a good chunk of space, but at the same time it was space that was previously just open.  Not space we used.  It just looks kind of ugly now.  I figure oh well, something we will have to deal with when we sell the place, until then, it works for us. 

Starting tomorrow I am back on the weight loss plan.  I have been on hiatus for a couple months and am back to square one.  Now that i am home, I have run out of excuses.  I have time to cook healthy meals and go to the store on a regular basis.  I have time to work out.  I now don't even have to go anywhere.  I had been pretty ok with the status quo, then I was watching Discovery Health Channel's National Body Challenge and one of the contestants weighed 2 pounds less than me.  So i have set my goals, we will see what happens.  I will post my weights, after I actually lose a bit.  I don't think that there needs to be a big weight secrecy.  I will openly share my weight.  I figure it helps keep other people in perspective.  It does for me when I hear how much other people weigh.  Especially when I think I am thinner than they are and then i find out I have 20 pounds on them.   Yikes!