Sunday, January 13, 2008

This one goes out to the one I love - a la R.E.M

So this is what happens when you work out on your new treadmill right before bedtime.  You don't go to bed.  You find five billion things to post about in attempt to get the wiggles singing "drink, drink! drink some water" out of your head before you lie in bed, trying to sleep with the song going over and over and over in your mind, driving you insane and keeping you awake. 

So while looking for Justin's art pictures, I stumbled across some other lovely ones. (let me just say, I figured out how to convert a TIF to  JPEG to post these pictures, all by myself!  I rule, though once i figured out how to do it, I don't feel like I rule that much, it was pretty simple)

Here we are, approximately 1985.  Justin and I are both in this picture.  I knew he was my boyfriend, future husband, destiny, what have you.  He did not.  Can you guess which ones we are?


And here we are once again.  This picture was taken about 2 weeks after we met, when we had started "dating" and had already announced to everyone but each other that we were going to get married.  My friend Lee thought she would take a picture in case I never saw him again.  I had asked him to come to church with me and he was still trying to impress, so he agreed.  You don't think you look old until you look at pictures of yourself at 19 and then it all hits you.

One of our many "self portraits" from our honeymoon.


Halloween 2004-we had a transgendered theme party...Dscf0002

This should have been our Christmas card.

Halloween 2005. 

I will end it there.  I have left you all with 4 posts for the day... I am spent.