Monday, January 21, 2008

the kid is out of control

Out of control with intelligence that is!  (Just kidding, I do think the following story is probably a fluke of sorts)  Last night Justin wrote Ava's name on the magnadoodle.  I asked what it said and she said, "Aya!"  He tried it again a few times and each time she said "aya!"  He did it again this morning and she once again said "aya!"  Then he wrote "daddy" and she said, "Aya?"  It is like she knew it didn't say Ava but she wasn't sure what it said. 

Went to the doctor for her pre-op physical this morning.  She is healthy.  22nd and 23rd percentile for weight and height respectively.   I think I am going to Old Navy later to hit up their clearance section, so I am going to check the growth chart and see what size she will be wearing next year.  She has stayed pretty consistent percentile wise, so I think this will be a safe plan.

The doctor suggested replacing the evil bobo with something else.  She has been very into "blankies" lately so we are going for that.  I am going to attempt knitting project #1 (I do know how to do the basics, so I feel confident that I can follow a very, very basic pattern) and making her a fun colored blanket to be "the" blanket.