Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yesterday was a long and tiring day.  We had a small leak show up in our kitchen ceiling.  We assume something leaked for a little bit and is now done.  It is already brown like it dried.  We have a plan in place for repair.  I worked my full shift last night until midnight.  It went by quickly but 8 hours is 8 hours.  I had a very hard time going to bed when I got home even though I was tired.  My mind was still working, just about random things.  I only have to work 3 hours tonight and I am glad.  I think saying 2 nights a week was definitely the right decision at least for now.  I worked with the person who does the schedule last night so I pretty much get whatever I want.  Excellent! 

Ava and I are going for a better day today.  She seems to be needing a lot of one on one time right now.  We are going to the children's museum with one of her favorite people, Uncle Michael. 

I keep going to walmart for little things like milk and whatnot, but I forget the other little things on the list, so then I am forced to plan another trip.  I need to make an actual list.