Sunday, August 16, 2009

road trip

Tomorrow we are going on an adventure. It will be intense and crazy. We are going on a road trip to Ohio. By "we" I mean me, the two kids, and my sister. We are planning to leave right after dinner and plan to stop once in Indiana, and then hopefully they will sleep in the car for the rest of the trip. We are staying in a hotel and will be seeing both sets of my grandparents and various cousins. I am going to try combine seeing family and relaxing. Leaving to go back to the hotel for nap time and all that. There is a pool at the hotel and I am sure we will swim at some point. Watch a movie in our room at some point, and hopefully just sleep in. We are really only there for two days, so I should probably keep the plans small. Justin has more plans for what he is doing in his alone time than I do while we are gone.

Bonus of being gone: they could do showings all day long for 2 days and we won't be in the way. Let's hope that the "right" person comes by when we are gone.


  1. more things? im having bones and ted over one evening, and hoping to catch a movie another. thats pretty much it. unless youre counting "working" as plans... :-/

  2. It's great to spend time with family. We can never stay in a hotel without a pool when the kids are along. It always gives you a fall back or extra activity.


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