Saturday, August 22, 2009

the day Rhys cried through Indiana

We successfully made it home from Ohio Thursday evening. It was a fun 48 hour little trip. The general point of the trip was to see my grandparents and cousins that were in town. The trip out there could not have gone better, minus about 2 hours of heavy rain in Indiana. Ava stayed awake the entire time. I think towards the end she was half awake and half asleep but her eyes were open. She does this really funny thing where she says things outloud that she really just meant to be thinking, usually when she is extremely tired. That night's confession, "I have a lot of bobos hiding under my pillow on my bed." Sarah laughed and Ava got extremely upset. I am not sure if she was embarressed or just mad that she ratted herself out. I checked when I got home and there were 4 under her pillow.

She ended up going to sleep a little before 2am. I was a little worried about how this was going to go over since we had lost an hour with the time change and naps weren't going to probably happen. She did pretty well though for the most part. Wednesday we just hung out at my Grandma B's house and talked babies and family after my cousin, her husband, and baby arrived. My Grandma and Grandpa H had us all over for a cook out and my cousin from that side and his girlfriend were also in town. I had only met this cousin once a few years ago, mostly in passing. It is interesting to meet someone that you are related to that you know nothing about.

Ava fell asleep on the way over there, so she was her normal post-nap self for the first half an hour or so. We had to wait for the food to kick in and then she was fine. Rhys was generally happy the entire time. There were lots of new things to explore. Ava helped bring out Grandpa's birthday cupcake and sing. She was very excited about a special cupcake plate that Grandma H gave her.

We stayed in a hotel while we were there. Rhys was in the pack-n-play, Ava was in a double bed with me, with the pack-n-play up against the bed as her "railing" and Sarah was in the other double bed, far far away from the rest of us. So in the middle of the night I hear Ava start crying and she was no longer in the bed. Rhys has also started crying so I actually think she has managed to fall into the pack-n-play. I am reaching around in the dark and only feeling Rhys. I finally find her on the floor on the side of the bed. She had fallen in between the pack-n-play and the bed and was kind of wedged in there. Everybody calmed down quickly after she was back in bed. I did spend the rest of the night holding on to an arm, leg, whatever, so she wouldn't fall off the bed again. She really does still flip all over the place when she sleeps. She says she sleeps on her Cars couch at home, but in reality, it is where she keeps her stuff because she just ends up on the floor near the couch.

The next day we went with Grandma B. to Youngs Jersey Cow Dairy. There is a place where you can feed goats and whatnot. Ava was really only interested in feeding the baby goats, one little pellet at a time. I think she was actually only willing to feed them because they were sticking their head through a fence, not roaming around her freely. There was a calf that was very interested in Rhys. Rhys and the stroller were licked quiet a few times, which Rhys enjoyed. I remembered half way through that Rhys had spilled a bottle all over the tray of the stroller and the calf wanted that milk. Rhys did pet/bang on a baby goat. He thought it was very exciting and funny. Sarah took a video of him so hopefully she will get around to actually sending it to me.

We ended our trip with more hanging out at Grandma's and then dinner out before we left to head back. Rhys slept for the first hour of the drive back and then woke up very unhappy. He proceeded to cry for 2 hours. Pretty much through most of Indiana. We had a really bad storm that we had to drive through but it only lasted about ten minutes. People were calling me telling me to be careful because of the storm, but compared to the 2 hours of rain on the way to Ohio, it didn't seem that bad at all.

Now that you have been bored to death by my play by play of our little trip, I will end it by saying sometimes short trips are good, as are hotels. I was worn out by the time we got back and am looking forward to actually sleeping sometime in the near future. I am not sure when that will really happen, but a girl can hope.