Sunday, August 30, 2009

I got a feelin' woo hooooooooo

Ramdom thoughts by me:

Wouldn't it be weird if you were cracking up at an online conversation and the other person is saying, "lol" repeatedly. You think you are sharing an actual hilarious moment and they are really just sitting at their computer just staring blankly and typing "lol" out of habit and online etiquette?

I am on 2 fantasy football league teams this year. I have never played before or watched any other team other than the Bears. This will be a new experience for me. I had to choose a team name. I was going to go with Team Bitch Child, after an incident at work that amused me. I decided it probably won't be as funny when it isn't 2 in the morning and changed it to Jabba the Hut Hut Hike. I am choosing to learn from a previous error in sleepless judgment, changing my email address to skankyemily@something because it was part of a really funny joke in college at 4am. I don't remember the joke at all now.

Not having a printer hooked up to a computer at home sucks and makes my life somewhat difficult. Grrr.

Ava was asking for a song in the car. She usually will decide to call a song by some random lyric mid-sentence, and usually the words aren't right. (sweetly broken = really brokened) Last night she wanted to hear "skip the world". I had no idea what song she was talking about so I asked her how it went. She said, "waaah waaaaaah waaaaaaaah reeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr reerrr skip the world reeeeeeeeer waaaah" Apparently she decided to sing the guitar part to me too, and I still don't know what skip the world is.

Why am I annoyed at caulk separating on the counter in my house but want to buy a house that had a kitchen cabinet door fall off when I touched it?

On the way home last night Ava was in a horrible mood and throwing a fit about everything. She ended up saying, "damn! damn! damn! damn!" We asked what she was saying and she said, "I'm saying a bad word." This led to us talking about not saying bad words and all that. Then she said, "I'm just singing the song that Mommy likes." For one, I don't know of any song with those particular lyrics. For two, what a way for her to try to sell me out! I am not sure who she is picking up this particular word from because I don't say it. I am much more likely to drop the F bomb, thank you very much.

I am in the middle of reading Julie and Julia and I saw the movie last night. So far I have enjoyed both. The book makes me want to try to cook artichokes.

I think I am abandoning the weight watchers ship again right now. I think I will try to maintain and focus on eating healthy meals as a family. I am sure that just like any addict, me trying to do it on my own is a recipe for failure, I just don't think I can focus on it right now.

I am pretty sure me regularly having a lack of sleep has made my brain decide to stop functioning...or I have Alzheimer's. I will go with the first choice.

Ava keeps asking to hear "disco stick" on the radio. I am not sure where she has heard this song enough to decide she likes it or to pick up on the words because I find the song obnoxious and offensive so I always turn it off. Justin likes to say that I am teaching Ava to have terrible taste in music but I am thinking this one is all him. I am pretty sure Justin has a secret penchant for Lady GaGa.

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