Wednesday, August 5, 2009

my birthday girl

Today was Ava's 3rd birthday. Last night we gave her a couple little presents right at bedtime, since I had to work today and we wouldn't all be together on her actual birthday. She had fun with her little toys and played herself to sleep in her bed.

She got in my bed sometime very early this morning. She actually wanted to cuddle with me. Usually she just wants to wedge herself in between us and essentially try to take over the bed. Nope, this morning she wanted me to hug right up to her and snuggle. I think that was her birthday present to me. Hours of cuddle time with my baby.

We had a our park playdate today and we were bringing donut holes. She wanted a vanilla sprinkled donut for breakfast so that is what I ordered. This particular store seemed to be having issues and when we finally got our food she got a chocolate sprinkled donut. This was cause for many tears. She just doesn't care that much for the chocolate sprinkled donut. She honestly just ate a couple donut holes and gave me her sprinkled one.

I made it to the park only 7 minutes late (which is a record so far this summer) and was the first one there. The park was being painted so it was closed. A few phone calls later and it was decided that we will go to another park. Meanwhile I would hang out to tell anybody who shows up the plan. I had turned on the battery power to roll down the windows and Ava liked the song on the radio so I left it on. 10 minutes later it was time to head out to the other park and the car wouldn't start. A friend gave me a jump and we headed off to the park.

Ava actually went to play with the kids, which is about time since the summer is almost over. I think this happened last year too. She finally went off to play alone during the last week of the group. All the moms and kids sang happy birthday to her and she was even presented with a homemade card and a gift from a couple of the other little girls. I think it was a pretty fun birthday for her.

She continues to struggle with whether or not she will be a big girl or a baby. She still steals Rhys' pacificer and wants to get into the baby carrier in the stroller. Other times she referrs to Justin as Justin, talks back like no other and doesn't like to be grouped with the babies. She is funny and loving. So petite and tiny, yet clumsy and bumbling. I tried to tell her today how great my life became when she was born and I couldn't figure out how to say it so a 3 year old could understand. I apparently can't figure out how to put it so an adult could understand it. Night and day, that is all I can say.