Monday, August 31, 2009

the inquisition

My friend over at must think that I copy all of her posts. I really don't. We just seem to be on the same wave length a lot.

Anyway, I was just looking at a statcounter that I haven't checked in a very LONG time. Months even, honestly. I came to realize that I have a lot more readers than I thought. I only know this because I have readers from all over the country and a few other countries actually. I thought they were mostly all in one or two towns close to home. Who are you, my dear followers? Are you regular followers or just happen to stumble on to this shockingly boring blog?

I decided I would try to find out who has taught Ava "damn". Here is the interview.

M- You know the bad word you said yesterday?

A- Damn?

M- Yes, that bad word. We don't say that word, by the way, so lets not say that word anymore. Who said that word?

A- I did.

M- No, where did you hear it?

A- In my ears.

M- Who else have you heard say that word?

A- You did, when you asked me if I said damn.

I got no where. If you are the teacher of potty language, your secret is still safe. She is like a vault.

I never shared, but we got a new kitten. This kitten was found trying to cross a busy street in the dark. He was sick and gross and covered in fleas. He is now ours, and after being quadrupole de-wormed, de-flead,loaded up with antibiotics, and a week of constant eating, he is back to health and is a maniac. We have named him Pepe'. He speaks with a spanish accent. Tequi spent the last week in a closet. He was not happy with the new addition to the family. There was lots of hissing and running away. The last couple of nights we have heard lots of running around, which would make us think that they were getting along, since we didn't hear any sounds of death and battle at the same time, but we had no proof. Tonight, Tequi was downstairs finally, and he and Pepe' were playing! Pepe was attacking his tail and they chased each other around, up and down the stairs. Who would think two cats running would make so much noise.


  1. hilarious!

    I always wonder who the readers are, too. It kind of makes you crazy sometimes! Just LEAVE a comment already!! =]

  2. Okay, so Ava is a riot! Did you laugh during this conversation or did you actually keep a straight face? So funny!


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