Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1st tooth

Rhys finally has a tooth. You can't see it in his mouth yet, but it is there. When he opens his mouth to yell or something you can see the little whitish line. You can also feel it when you put your finger in his mouth. He has been biting tables and knees and whatnot for days now. Sometimes the only way to make him happy is to give him something hard to chew on. Yesterday a corner of it finally broke through but today there was the full line of the tooth. He will be 8 months old in less than a week and we finally have a tooth.

At the rate he is going with standing up and whatnot he might be walking before he gets a 2nd tooth. If you are sitting on the ground, he will use you to climb up on, pretty much all day long. He gets mad if you don't sit on the ground to be used as a climbing wall. He really just wants to pull himself up so he can then stand and let go and practice standing more and more. He has started to scootch around furniture. I got a video of it today, but I need to edit out the 20 seconds of him doing nothing at the beginning before I post it.

Ava has a new friend. A family started going to our church a few weeks ago and they have a little girl a couple months younger than Ava. She just recently had a baby brother (Ava calls him Edbird)so they have a lot in common. The new friend says hi to her all the time and so far Ava hasn't shown much interest. She talks about her at home, but doesn't interact with her when they are together. Today at the park they actually played. All of the boys that were there left and the girls just got together and played nicely for a good half hour. I don't think Ava knows what to do when there isn't a clear age hierarchy. She does really well if there is an older girl to lead the way, come up with plans, etc. She also doesn't seem to do bad when she is the older girl. This has been one of the first times that she has been evenly matched with someone, physically and verbally. It is pretty interesting to watch them both kind of stop and not know what to do.