Sunday, August 2, 2009


We had Ava's party today. It was so nice having a party when the house was already clean. Just thought I would mention that. We stopped on our way home from church, bought some snacky food and Tinkerbell cupcakes and it was a party. Ava had fun opening her presents and singing happy birthday to herself. I think she just liked being the center of attention. It has been hard to go from the first and only grandchild to one of a bunch all at once. We gave her a DVD of The Corpse Bride. She knew exactly what it was from the cover. It is in the previews on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, her favorite movie. The kid likes pretty dark things, what can I say.

She is supposed to be having a friend party in a candy store, but the stupid store has decided to change locations and they aren't answering their phone yet so I can schedule it. Will she notice if her 3rd birthday passes without it? Probably not but I will feel bad since I have a really cool party planned in my head.

A friend's house is also on the market, now for 5 days. She hasn't gotten any calls for showings yet so that is sort of disheartening. The earliest we could get one would be tomorrow, but I am not ready for that yet. I need just one more day to get the den together. I did quite a bit of crap removal today after the party, so tomorrow is getting more toys out, the game shelves and then vacuuming. I am thinking I will walk the fine line of being home enough to clean and gone enough to keep it clean. Tomorrow we will try to go to the pool at least for a little while. It will be warm but possibly rainy. We will take our chances.