Thursday, August 6, 2009


Conversation today with a co-worker:

Amanda: You have a dog? I didn't know that. What kind of dog is it?
Me: She's a rat terrier.
Amanda: I've never heard of it. Is she mixed with a rat?
Me: ....(blink, blink)
Amanda: (hides her face) just pretend I didn't actually say that.

After laughing, she says: I mean, can you picture it? Like I pictured a rat having sex with a dog and knew it wasn't true.

Ava's crazy run around the room chant:

"I am a superhero and I can save the day and I'm a big sister and everything is my job."

Rhys crawled a tiny bit today on his hands and toes. He also found the cat's water bowl for the first time. I went into his room this morning and he was actually just sitting there in bed. I think he is growing a neck and is starting to look older.

We had our first showing today. That sucked. If we are going to end up having a lot of these I am either going to have to compromise on the state of the house or we need a better plan to have it ready to go at all times. I look forward to getting feedback, sort of. I would like to hear what they thought but I am dreading hearing negative stuff.

Tomorrow night is our 3rd annual Relay for Life. It is a good time and for a good cause. I really do look forward to it every year. My personal goal from last year was to sign up to be a bone marrow donor. I apparently now need to make it my goal to save up to be a bone marrow donor since it costs $50 to register.

I am going to back myself silly this weekend and get stuff all ready to go for a care package to send to Iraq. I found a website that hooks us up with soldiers and addresses so we can send stuff out. The guy we are sending stuff to is going to distribute it all amongst his squad or whatever his unit he is in charge of is called.