Tuesday, August 4, 2009

back on the wagon

So I signed back up for weight watchers yesterday. I didn't actually start weight watchers because...well I didn't stay in my points at all and didn't count anything past lunch so I can't even count my flex points. So I choose to start today. Now that Rhys is on solid food and I am only nursing part time my points of dropped since last go round. A lot. I used to get 34 points a day, now I get 25. That is a difference of pretty much getting to eat whatever I wanted within reason and actually having to pay attention. That explains why I haven't lost anything in the last month and have actually started to creep back up. I want to finish what I started. I have gotten so close that I must keep going. I am not sure what my ultimate weight goal is, but I know it is at least 6 pounds less than now. I can't believe that I have even gotten to the point where I only need to lose 6! That is shocking to me. It used to be a fairly intimidating number.

Yesterday didn't do much for us with furthering the house cleaning project. I think we maintained well, but it was also a babysitting giant baby day which pretty much negates me being able to do anything in the room that we need cleaned. Today it is finally supposed to be hot and I don't have Giant Baby, so we will be going to the pool. This should make for a tired Ava and a good nap time so I can get things done! My new phone is coming today! Blackberry here I come. Maybe I will test out the picture posting ability and post pictures of Ava's birthday cupcakes that we will be making later this evening. 3! She is going to be 3. That is such a not a baby anymore age. She is old enough to be in all sorts of little classes, go to preschool (even though she isn't) and all sorts of things. Whew. Not too shabby for a spontanious post.

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  1. There is a little boy we always see at the pool who we refer to as "Giant Baby". He always follows Andrew around and wants to play with him even though Andrew is almost 9 and the huge baby is only about 1.


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