Thursday, December 31, 2009

why do I listen?

Sometimes I think to myself, why do I listen to Justin's advice?  Most of the time I trust his advice.  I think he is wise and knowledgable.  Other times, he really is just making stuff up.  Usually this is in the area of baking.  He won't make pancakes because he says he doesn't know how, and then I listen to him when I am pondering something regarding cooking. 

We have all seen what happened when I went to make cupcakes and realized I had no eggs, so on Justin's advice, substituted 3 eggs with applesauce.  1/2 cup of applesauce per egg....

Yesterday I wanted to make some rice crispy treats, mainly because I had two boxes of rice cereal.  I was planning to stop at the store and get some marshmallows but I thought I would make sure we didn't have any.  We had 3/4's of a bag of rock hard marshmallows.  Here is Justin's latest bit of wisdom. "Those will be perfect for rice crispy treats actually."

I started to know things weren't going well when I couldn't get them to actually melt.  They kind of made a type of taffy.  Ava kept asking what we were making and I just told her, "Rejects."   I put them in the pan and let them cool down.  I cut out a couple pieces to try.  They were still warm and Justin and Ava both ate them.  Later, I went to cut a few pieces to bring to work.  I couldn't get the knife in.  I am not exagerating.

rejects from Little Peepers on Vimeo.

Justin tells me this morning, "They are really hard to saw out of the pan, but all you have to do is microwave them and eat them when they are warm and they are fine."

Learn from my experience, hard marshmallows make hard rice crispy treats.

P.S. Justin, I love you! Thank you for always being willing to try my cooking adventures, even when I use strawberry oatmeal to make meatloaf.


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