Thursday, December 3, 2009


I have been asked many times, "So when do you sleep." I sleep, just at random times. I also keep my kids on a sleep late schedule. It has been getting better because Rhys is getting with the program instead of getting up at 7am like before. Anyway, because I know there is nothing more that you would want to do than see my it is

bed around midnight the night before, sleep until somewhere between 7-9am
laundry, make bed, pick up bedroom
figure out something fun for the day.
Do MMM stuff.
2-3pm return for nap time.
misc. stuff for the rest of the day.
Bed around 11ish.

Wake up between 7-9.
Tuesday's are housework days so that is what we do.
Dinner is made on Tuesdays.
I try to do homework on Tuesday night.
Bed around 11.

Wake up between 7-8.
Go to playgroup in the morning.
Go home for nap time and homework.
Leave for work at 3pm.
Get home a little after midnight and go to bed sometime between 1-2.

Wake up between 7-9.
Depending on how early I actually got up will determine what I get done.
I like to hang out with friends on this day.
Leave for work at 3pm.
Get home a little after midnight and go to bed sometime between 1-2.

Wake up around 7 on MOPS days.
Go to MOPS.
Get home around one.
Lunch and nap
Random activities.
Small group.
Get home around 9-10.
Leave for work at 11:10.
Work work until 7:30am. I can generally get about 2 hours of sleep while at work.

I get home and usually sleep for 3-4 hours. The rest of my week is normal with homework on Sunday.

I sleep. It is just mostly after 5am which a lot of my friends with children don't get to do. When Rhys was still waking up repeatedly at night, I was sleeping A LOT less. I would get home from work just in time for him to start his waking up repeatedly time.

Thank you for that very boring moment of reading. I will write something b etter soon. I promise.

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  1. Having a schedule that works for everyone is huge. Good for you for doing what works for you and your kiddos. It looks different for all of us at different seasons of life, and it's easy to look at other people and feel like we're doing it "wrong."

    So, yay you!! :-)


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