Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And we are staying!

Our house is officially off the market for now. Not sure how long that is but probably at least the next year. So now begins the process of making it more livable for us. That means Ava is getting her own room. Sharing a room probably will continue to work out for a while, maybe even get better as time goes on, but I kind of feel like we should just make the change now and get it over with. Ava is a little apprehensive about it. I don't think she likes sleeping away from us, so being away from Rhys is even worse. The problem is she is rarely in her room and they both have very different sleep patterns. So, the solution she will be in her own room. We have to get rid of a desk holding a broken computer, figure out what to do with said computer, get rid of a broken entertainment center and recliner. (we have a lot of broken), figure out what to do with all vhs tapes that are stored in that entertainment center, move the tv into our room, drop a cable into our room from the attic, clean out at least part of the walk in closet in the den to be Ava's closet, and paint. Then there is the whole moving her furniture into that bedroom, but that is probably actually the easy part. I think it will be happening little by little with her furniture being moved first. I dont' think she will care if she has extra stuff in her room for a while, but I am sure she will love it when it is all set up as her own. It will be a HUGE room. I feel like she should get a bigger bed just to make it make more sense.

Anyway, here is the color theme I will be probably going with. Most of her furniture and bedding already goes, so it is very helpful.

I feel like for the last five years we have not been committing to doing anything to the house because it was a just for now house. Now, who knows how long we will be here. It isn't totally up to us, so I figure we might as well enjoy it while we are here.


  1. I'm pretty sure you can donate the VHS tapes to Goodwill and get a tax receipt - otherwise freecycle is always a good option! And if you need any help with painting or moving furniture or setting up her new room please let me know! I LOVE doing that sort of stuff!

  2. Keep working, great job! I honestly appreciate your time that you have put to write this post. Keep up the great work and please stop by my hand made furniture site sometime. Keep it up..

  3. We have a habit of fixing up the house to sell it...and I always wonder...why couldn't it be nice for us? So we have been nicer to ourselves in this house. As in, purple basement. Not blue or something the masses would like. :)


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