Friday, December 11, 2009

Don't worry, I have a plan

I have my final and paper left and I am done with my class. I technically have until Thursday to finish my final. My paper is due Sunday. I have the outline done, so I have a general idea of the content (veerrrrrrrrrrrry general) and that is about it. So my plan is to take my final tonight and spend Saturday and Sunday during the day writing my paper and just be done with my class. That will buy me an extra week off in between classes. I am so looking forward to it. Justin will be off work the week of Christmas and New Years. That means we get to do our Christmasy things together, work on Ava's room, and just hang out. I hope to catch up on some shows and movies, finish a few yarn projects, and I can't wait. I figure this weekend might feel a little intense but it will be worth it to have it all over with. We have big plans like Chuck E Cheese and maybe the zoo if it isn't freezing freezing, so we should have a fun at home vacation.

I ordered glasses this week. I am looking forward to getting them in. My current glasses are 2 prescriptions ago and have been banged by kids about 10 too many times so aren't very straight anymore. It will be nice to be able to see and not have them fall off my head if I bend over.

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  1. I am off the week of New Years, so if you need me to take the kids one day - or overnight let me know!!


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