Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The good thing about amazon

The good thing about amazon is when you are wrapping presents 8 hours before your first scheduled Christmas extravaganza and you are like wait, what did I buy for shmfam shmfam? Oh that is right, let me look on my amazon order history. There it is. All of my orders in detail. Turns out I didn't misplace a gift, I just never bought it! Pretty much every Christmas growing up, my mom would sit there and say things like, "Wait, what did you just open? Is that everything? Have you forgotten something?" Always making us think that we were missing out on the cool present. She would just forget where she hid things, what she really bought, things like that. I think it is a genetic problem. My grandma sends us gifts she bought years before but had hidden so well, she forgot where she put them. She also likes to buy ornaments commemorating things with the wrong years on them. I kind of like it that way. It will always make me think of her.

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  1. We have the same problem in our family. One year my aunt completely missed getting out all but one of my baby brother's gifts (we celebrated big with her family) and nobody really noticed that he hadn't gotten much. Well, she called a few days later when she came across the forgotten stash and he got to have Christmas all over again.

    Honestly? I'm afraid I'm going to do that this year. I nearly forgot some stocking stuffers I had planned on buying, until yesterday. So you're not alone. Good luck. And have a great Christmas!


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