Sunday, December 6, 2009


Dori is home. So far Pepe doesn't like her but there haven't been any battles, just some arched backs and dirty looks. Our floors are already cleaner and more crumb free. Maybe this will turn into some competitive crumb hunting among the animals. I may never have to sweep again! That isn't true. I will just be sweeping up dog and cat hair.

Today has been a weird day. Kind of a waste of a weekend day for sure. I worked overnight last night and didn't get to sleep at all. I got home and everybody was up. Justin had to leave right away for church. Rhys has a cold with snot pouring out of his face, so that would mean no nursery for him. Ava had a complete flip out meltdown by 8:15. I just didn't think I had it in me to do battle with them to get clothes on and get out the door in time, to then have to deal with wiggly Rhys probably in the hall since he won't sit through service. As soon as I made the decision not to go, Ava kind of snapped out of it and became somewhat pleasant. Rhys decided it was nap time and slept for three hours so in the end, it was a very good thing that we didn't go. That would have been a horrible morning for sure.

Justin then came home and we had lunch and I went to bed with Ava and we slept most of the afternoon away.

I am thinking for tomorrow's Magnificent Mommy Monday, we will be making cookies. I got a cookie press and it sounds fun to me. I don't know though. I wish Rhys would sit through a movie because a dollar movie theater sounds more my speed right now. Ava keeps talking about going to a friend's house. If I had planned ahead maybe that would be what we would end up doing. Let us know if you are in the market for a playdate. We bring cookies!

My peapod delivery came tonight. I actually like putting the groceries away with the deliveries. It isn't all smashed together. They are usually bagged in general categories. There is never any extra stuff. Just the exact amount of ingredients for what we are eating this week. I have about 5 options for tomorrow night and I don't know what to pick. We always have so much extra, I have to strategically plan what I am making when and cross that with what fresh ingredients do I need.

20 page paper status: 0 pages written. Yay.

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  1. Did you do cookies or the movies???

    I like the idea of Peapod, but I loooove going grocery shopping. That may sound insane, but I love shopping for the stuff we need. :-P


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