Monday, December 7, 2009

not so magnificent mommy monday

The day started out so well...Both kids slept in way late, like way, way, way late. It was around 10am when I heard them both start talking to each other from their rooms. And right there is where the day went downhill. Ava wet the bed because she slept so late and then stayed in bed to talk to Rhys. We did get everything all changed and in the washer and went down and made pancakes. I used the remains of three different boxes of pancake mix to make 4 pancakes. They were green with sprinkles, it was all quite lovely. We decided on going out to lunch later since it was a fundraiser day for MOPS at CiCi's Pizza. Ava suggested inviting Miss Terra since she likes pizza. (Ava makes things up. She told Terra that I was having a baby boy named Fred when I went to get her some soup at lunch. Terra isn't that well known for her love of pizza.) We did the whole shower, getting dressed routine which can take hours. By the time we were done with lunch it was 2pm and nap time. There was a lot of whining and crabbing going on as soon as the green pancakes were consumed. I decided that I would go for nap time instead of making cookies. Ava did end up napping after about an hour or more of repeatedly coming out of her room to discuss things that her imaginary friend said or to attempt to go potty.

So whatever. I made the rules about Magnificent Mommy Mondays. I can make them as Magnificnent or normal as I want. We had green pancakes and lunch out. I didn't scream and yell that much, though if I had decided to go forth with the plans of cookie making, I probably would have because Ava is having a problem with ignoring everything I say and talking back lately and today she was in fine form. Next week, we will try to do something fun again.