Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We rented a few movies recently.  Saw Martian Child tonight and I thought it was good, but I love John Cusack.  I saw the unrated version of Good Luck Chuck.  It was horrible!  Not even just horrible, but offensive.  I am not anti-artistic nudity, but I am anti-nudity for the sake of nudity, a la exploitation of women, and men for that matter.

I finished the book, The Other Side of the Story by somebody I can't remember.  It was good but not nearly as good as her other books.  I am currently reading Stardust.  I liked the movie.  Justin actually read this book already so this will be like book #5 that we have both read.  He is listening to Hearts in Atlantis right now, and I read that about 6 years ago and liked it.  Maybe someday he will trust me on book recommendations.  I have never and will never recommend chick lit to him.