Thursday, February 7, 2008

dipes and wipes

I don't have much to say at the moment, so I thought I would just post about diapers.  Cloth diapering, still going strong.  Last couple weeks I pushed the time limits of cloth and Ava leaked.  It does happen in any diaper in certain situations.  I actually think these hold more than the normal disposable, but I got a little carried away with my confidence I guess. 

Well, since I cloth diaper, I also use cloth wipes....It is 1000 times easier to just put the wipe in the wash with the diaper.  My favorite wipe is actually a terry cloth one, especially for poops.  One wipe gets everything off.  They are kind of like wash clothes.  I did buy a few washcloths that were on sale.  Pretty shades of blue.  Dyed a few diaper inserts blue in the wash...something to consider in the future.  I use a cleaning solution, which right now I don't really like the smell of...which brings me to: the booty cubes.  Which fragrance should I get????????

I should mention Justin doesn't do the cloth wipe thing.  I did tell him that our biodegradable organic wipes from walmart (they were on sale!!!) aren't flushable after quite a few went down.  I kind of have a feeling that might come back to haunt us, since that particular toilet gets clogged easily in the first place.

Oh and...I really do have quite a bit of love for the bumgenius all in one (or in diaper forum lingo, BG AIO) now that I have this(minus the drying hangers, thank you clearance end cap! $19.95!!!).  Stuffing the inserts does get old real quick, especially when you have dry skin on your hands.  It just feels nasty.  I want more, but Justin says no.  I am not into all the colors or anything like that anymore.  I mean, I am, I just am not as concerned.  I am just preferring  ease of use at  the moment, and the bg aio are trim and cute, so no really complaints.

and Oh and again...I do expect certain people that I am married to be impressed by my embedded links. Oh yeah, I looked up html codes.