Monday, February 11, 2008


So when I left work i was tired, but then I got in a car at midnight that was freezing and I can't feel my fingers still, and now i am awake.  So while driving home I heard Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguilara, and it prompted this memory.  A memory from the the time that this song would have been on the radio normally.  The scene is set, just like in the show Cold Case.  Hear the song in the background.  My roommate Heather and I were out to be loyal fans on Justin's band.  They had a show that night, so we dressed up.  What else does the girlfriend of the singer of the band playing in a coffee house wear but black pleather pants and a sweater.  Sooooo Amazing video, but not so cropped and I didn't look like Liv Tyler. (sadness, sniff, sniff) Anyway, it got rather warm in that crowded coffee house.  I sweat a lot in my pleather pants.  We get back to my parents house and I am dying to change clothes.  I had been wearing a certain type of underwear to prevent horrific panty lines in my pleather pants. (I hear back in the VPL was a good thing....) I pealed off my sweaty pleather and what do I see?  Blue.  Everywhere.  Except where my undies had been.  It was an awesome blue tan, but not tan...After laughing hysterically at myself, I went out and mooned my mom and then my sister,  because it is funny to have a partially blue butt.  By the way, I seriously despise the word panty.   I want to say underwear line, but then I couldn't use VPL.

By the way, for those of you who don't know.  Pleather is pretend leather.