Sunday, February 10, 2008

the good fight

I am going to overshare, later in the post.  Stay tuned. 

First.  On the way home from church today, Ava was eating her travel bag of pops and just talking and talking.  I am not sure if she thinks she is singing along with the radio, but either way, she keeps up a steady stream of babble.  I don't know what she is saying and if I turn the radio down so I can hear her, she talks quieter so I still can't hear her.  Anyway, usually on the way home from church she is asleep in the first  5 minutes.  Today she was fighting the good fight.  She was awake and talking until we got off 55.  I turned and the sun was in her eyes.  She squinted.  Oh no!  She lost the sleep battle, eyes were closed, she didn't have the strength to re-open them.  She was asleep with pops bag in her hand, mouth hanging open, ready for the next bite.

Now on to the grossness.  Dori, our dog, loves to eat nails.  Like toenails, finger nails.  She chews her own back paw nails to nubs constantly so we never have to trim them. She doesn't mind you trimming her front paws because she gets a tasty snack.  She also apparently loves people nails.  She comes running if she hears you clipping.  It does help with clean up even if it is gross.  So I was trimming my toenails and she came running to eat up.  Tequi, the cat, came too.  He doesn't like nails.  He just didn't want Dori to have any.  Dori was eating and Tequi was beating.  Beating Dori in the head and then was biting her ears.  Dori didn't give up, that is how much she loves nails.