Monday, February 25, 2008

The other night we went to my
brother's house to just hang out.  We played some Rock Band.  In the
game you have to tap the microphone sometimes to be the cowbell,
tambourine, type of thing's part.  Well I decided to hit my palm with
it, as if it were a tambourine.  I now have a huge bruise on the palm
of my hand.  It also works to tap the mic with your finger.


I haven't seen the oscars yet, so far all I know this movie won
tons of awards, but I just finished watching Gone Baby Gone.  It was
pretty stinkin good.  Good story line, good acting, etc.  Ben Afleck
wrote and directed it.  Keep in mind, he also wrote Good Will Hunting,
if you are trying to think of what kind of movie it will be. 


The nose seems to be healing quite nicely.  I can blow my nose and
everything without cringing.  It is not really that sore, just a little
sensitive.  I am doing much better than my partner in crime, that is
for sure.


By the end of the week it will be March.  That means spring has to
be coming soon.  I can handle the thought of another month of winter,
it will go by quickly.  Just knowing that it is almost over is so
exciting!  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for summer.
I feel like this will be my first real summer, like a summer break
since I was 16.  I have always been working since then.  I am sure the
novelty will wear off quickly, especially since I don't have a pool or
anything, but you never know.  I am still boggled that we chose to live
in an area that has an association that controls everything, but we
didn't pick one with a community pool...What were we thinking?

Also, I haven't put ANY of Ava's pictures, beyond the first week of life in an album.  I haven't put much of anything in any album since our honeymoon actually.  I have a bunch, so that isn't the problem. I have the problem of wanting to print and put in every picture that I have taken.  I have gotten away from printing them all.  Now I kind of want to label them, but NOT SCRAPBOOK them.  I think I will soon take on at least part of the project before I start losing picture that I have printed.