Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tuesday I had 36 unique visitors!!! What did I do on Tuesday? No idea.

Thanks visitors!

So tomorrow is our anniversary. I had this big plan of posting an edited video of our wedding, just glimpses of my favorite parts, but that would have required me to follow through with my plan weeks ago and actually get the video onto a dvd instead of VHS. So Justin, the thought was there. I wanted to at least post some pictures, but due to the recent death of our other computer with the pictures on it, not sure if that is possible. Woe is me. Can I make the scanner work without smashing it to death? We will just have to find out tomorrow if there are any pictures posted.

Justin is going out tonight so I was going to take Ava to see Monsters vs. Aliens. I saw that it is showing in 3D and that sounds cooler. I was just going to take Rhys with me, but decided that might be some difficult navigating inside the theater. I think we are going to go tomorrow with Justin. Yay anniversary date, kids movies in 3D.