Saturday, April 25, 2009

Touristy day part 1

Today has been a day of whatever. We got up and had breakfast on th dock again. It was a very cool surprise to see sea lions out on another dock. Then we headed out to la jolla to see tide pools. We
didn't see tons of creatures but we found a few. Ava was afraid of the crashing waves so she was kind of a party pooper. The view was amazing. We saw sea lions swimming and sunning themselves. It is
way cooler to see them in their natural environment than in the zoo. We walked on down to the beach. Ava loved it there and Rhys even liked his toes in the sand. Justin wasn't a huge fan so he was the
party pooper there. We headed back to the hotel and found a near by restaurant that served fresh fish. I am not a fish fan but i liked it. We all headed down to the pool for a while. It is currently
nap time for the boys. I think we are going exploring to find something for dinner.

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  1. i guess you were the party pooper there (at the fish place) Glad you are having fun! You are missed.



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