Sunday, April 26, 2009

Part 2

Part 2
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I just wrote this whole thing and accidentally deleted it! That picture was of rose petals from a wedding that was here yesterday. It was so elegant and simple. So beautiful. Ava's favorite part so
far has been the beach. Sh keeps asking to go back on vacation and play in the sand. We did go have dinner in coronado last night. The town was amazing. You have to take this giant bridge to get
there. Every house is cute. It is all very spanish looking. The downtown area is super fancy but not too crowded even on a saturday night. We ate at miguel's Cocina. Justin had some sort of squid
steak. The guacomole was the best. Everything is just so fresh here, it is hard to be bad. For all i know we ate at a chain instead of something fun and new but oh well it was good. Ava fell asleep
and was done for the night which was goodbsince we had pretty much been waiting for her to go to bed so we could sleep every night so far. Today is the wild animal park and maybe more beach.