Friday, April 24, 2009

Sea World

Sea World
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The kiddies slept in extremely late this morning. 10 am our time. Clearly leaving for the airport at 4am had an effect. We got dressed and had breakfast on the dock. We pretty much figured out that
we will never be able to afford this vacation again because we got such a strange and amazing deal. We had to make a stop at Target because we forgot Ava's shoes at home. On to sea world. Pretty
much people are a lot nicer here than at home. And taller. It must be all the sun. Sea world is really family friendly. They have excelllent exhibits and you have access to all the shows so you
really feel like you are getting your moneys worth. Ava did really well. She loves seeing any type of animal. Rhys just hung out. He did like walking through the shark exhibit tube. You are under
the water there. I think the wild animal park will be a huge success with Ava. Ok this has taken forever to write on my phone. Off to drink wine on th balcony.